Blockless for Windows

To hide your identity, encrypt your connection, block ads, and switch your online region, download the Blockless App for your Windows computer.

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Blockless is a simple, powerful VPN client for modern web users.

Bank level encryption

Your personal information is thoroughly protected.

No-log network

We don’t keep any records of your browsing activity.

Over billions of ads and intrusions blocked to date

The Ad Guard keeps your browsing experience safe and clutter-free.

One-click region switching

Change your virtual region and unblock websites in the click of a button.

Multiple device/platform support

Use Blockless on the device of your choice.

Who is using Blockless?

  • Students, business travellers, bloggers, freelancers and many others use public WiFi frequently, putting them at risk of being targeted by hackers and data thieves. These days, public WiFi is everywhere and is used by nearly everybody. With many businesses offering free WiFi that automatically connects to your mobile device, you can unknowingly have your privacy invaded while doing something as simple as ordering coffee at a drive-through. When Blockless Secure is activated on your device, you are always protected on public WiFi with an encrypted connection through Blockless VPN technology.
  • We don’t know how tech savvy you are - regardless of your age - but we do know that youth, seniors, and other new or infrequent web users are most likely to be successfully targeted by online scams and viruses. These scams and viruses are becoming sneakier and more effective every day, but luckily there is a way to stop them from ever reaching you. When Blockless Smart Guard is activated, online intrusions such as ads, pop ups, malware, scams and viruses are prevented from invading your browsing experience.
  • International travel has never been so popular. When you are accessing the Internet abroad from public WiFi or international data networks, you are an easy target for unwanted surveillance, hackers and data thieves. Additionally, international censorship can restrict access to your favourite sites such as social media and streaming entertainment, disrupting your ability to stay connected to home. The Blockless App provides an encrypted connection with VPN technology while abroad as well as letting you switch your online region to bypass international censorship.
  • Not all online regions are created equal due to international censorship. Some countries get access to a plethora of online streaming options whereas other countries are very limited. If you’re unhappy with the options available to you, you can access geo-restricted content by switching your online region with Blockless Secure. You can also eliminate annoying ads on streaming media sites by activating the Blockless Smart Guard.
  • For hackers and data thieves, your online financial information is a goldmine. You should never login to online banking or make purchases while using public WiFi unless you are using an encrypted connection via VPN technology. Additionally, many travellers rely on online banking and PayPal rather than carrying cash while abroad. In worst-case scenarios, travellers have been known to become locked out of their accounts due to international censorship after attempting to login from an international Internet connection, leaving them stranded in a foreign country without access to their funds - a situation that could be avoided if they simulated their home region using Blockless Secure. It’s safer at home and abroad to use Blockless Secure while accessing financial information online.
  • If you travel, it’s useful to be able to access your home Internet connection. If you’re an expat, it’s essential. Social media, online shopping and banking, streaming entertainment, video chat and VOIP calling, even the default language on sites you visit - when you are living abroad, it’s crucial to stay grounded and connected to home by simulating your home browsing experience. Region switching with Blockless Secure can keep you protected and connected to home while living abroad.
  • Did you know that you can save a ton of money on Voice Over IP (VOIP) calling by using a VPN? For example, if you are in China and want to make a VOIP call to a family member in the United States, you will pay extra long distance charges for the call. However, if you simulate your online region to the US before making the call, it will be considered a domestic call and you won’t be charged long distance. You can use the Blockless App for VOIP calls to avoid extra charges.
  • Cloud storage services such as Dropbox and iCloud are increasing in popularity and we’ve started to store a lot of our sensitive personal information on these services. Imagine if all of the photos, documents and important files on your phone and computer were made publicly accessible? If you are accessing cloud services using public WiFi, you can protect your login information from hackers by activating Blockless Secure.