Blockless VPN for Google Chrome

Protects your privacy and unblocks websites with one-click region switching.

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The Blockless Chrome Extension protects all of your browsing activity while using the Google Chrome browser.

Going “Incognito” isn’t enough.

By going Incognito, you are telling Chrome not to log browsing history for the websites you visit. But this doesn’t hide your browsing activity from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or potential snoopers.

So if you are looking for privacy online, Incognito mode isn’t actually very useful to you. What you need instead is a browser encryption utility (VPN), such as the Blockless VPN Extension for Google Chrome.

Complete anonymity online.

The Blockless Chrome Extension pushes your browsing activity through a secure server with bank-grade encryption, giving you an alternate IP address so that you are totally anonymous online. When the Blockless Chrome Extension is activated, your browsing activity is private from everybody, even your ISP, and you are protected from hackers and identity theft.

Switch regions to unblock websites.

With the Blockless Chrome Extension, you can switch your online region to unblock websites and bypass censorship.