What does Blockless do?

Blockless uses our Smart DNS technology to give you freedom, anonymity and safety when you browse the web.

Watch US TV in Canada

Region Switcher

Simulate your location to one of 18 countries! Our Region Switcher works with all of your favourite Movie and TV streaming sites, including Netflix and Hulu, and is faster than VPN with no software to install.

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Watch US TV in Australia

Ad Blocker

Tired of intrusive pop-ups and banner ads? Use Ad Blocker to remove annoying internet ads on your computer, mobile device and more. Ad Blocker even protects against phishing and malware websites.

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Blockless works with all of your Devices

Windows Mac iPad iPhone Android XBox Playstation Wii PS Vita AppleTV Roku GoogleTV Boxee WDTV Live LG Smart TV Samsung TV D-Link Linksys Cisco Netgear 2-Wire Siemens Gigaset

How it Works

Step 1

Create an Account

Signup for a 7 day free trial. You do not need to enter your credit card information, and there are no strings attached.

Step 2

Setup our DNS

Our comprehensive Setup Guide will show you how to enter our Smart DNS or VPN into your computer, router, console, tv and more.

Step 3

Start Browsing!

Thats it, just restart your device and enjoy a Blockless internet experience.

Use Blockless over Cellular and Satellite Networks with Blockless Mobile

Blockless Mobile can be set up on any device that supports VPN. Perfect for when you are using network data on your phone, or if you have a satellite internet connection for your home.

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Pricing Plans

No contracts, cancel anytime.

SMARTDNS Monthly$4.95each month
SMARTDNS Semi-Annual$27.25every 6 months$29.70 7% off!
SMARTDNS Yearly$49.95each year$59.40 16% off!

Canadian residents will be charged HST tax. All prices in USD.